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Meandering Trail Media is a multimedia company focusing on world-wide travel photography and publishing. PJ Adams, Meandering Trail Media's primary author, is a psychotherapist and best selling author who splits her time between California and Europe. Follow her on Twitter @PJAdams10Facebook, and YouTube.

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    PJ Adams

    PJ Adams is a psychotherapist and author in California.

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    99 Coffee Dates

    "This is a fun read for those who like the good life, whether single or hitched. The lead character, Miranda, is divorced and looking for (maybe) new romance using an online dating service to meet these 99 possibles, one at a time. She describes the brief meetings with detail and humor (with the author borrowing some from her professional therapist experiences). Most get quick goodbys, but some another date or two. The descriptions of life in Laguna Beach got me eager to go spend more time there myself, strolling the beach, enjoying views, and sampling the many dining dishes and vinos her characters enjoy.. I wasn’t sure I could hang in there for all 99, but her fun writing kept me all the way." --Tom Leech

    "I just finished this book and found it very entertaining. The meetings and dates she experiences are pretty true to life, having done this online thing myself. It's very funny! I loved the setting in Laguna Beach and I've been to most of these places, too. They are very well described. The author does a great job!" --Amazon Reader

    Intoxicating Greater Paris

    "The Loire Valley is another favorite of PJ Adams, who shows us how to find our inner royals in this fantastic area. Taste the wine. Fly the flags. Munch yummy chèvre. And live life like a king (or queen) through PJ's stories and tours of the famous Loire castles. Works well for armchair travelers or on-the-ground types who need a comprehensive Loire travel resource." --TomLeech, author of Say It Like Shakespeare and On the Road in '68

    "PJ Adams' colorful Loire guide steps us back in time when the Valois and Bourbon families ruled the kingdom of France in sumptuous castles and gardens. In her book, you too can walk the path of kings, eat the cuisine of royals, and sip some of the finest wines in France. PJ offers insider tips and dramatic tales of this fantastic valley. Fun. Fascinating. Fabulous."
    --Christy Destremau, Founder, France Off the Beaten Path Tours (traveloffthebeatenpath.com)

    Intoxicating Southern France

    "Intoxicating Southern France is P J Adams' second of this series and one we will take with us on our upcoming visit to south central and southwest France.  Although we've been there many times before, she brings so many of the attractions and villages alive with pages of interesting history, a sufficient amount of information about shopping (there's a lot of opportunity to shop everywhere in France), and insight into the people and lifestyles found in the south.  There are her quirky little tidbits such as tips on opening a wine bottle without an opener. . . all you need is a man's shoe and a tree!
       This book represents ten years of travel through France's southern provinces and her encounters with interesting people along the way.  And, P J Adams will appeal to those who also struggle with speaking French.  Not only is there ample exploration of the Côte d'Azur from Monaco to the border of Provence, but the author provides long looks into Bordeaux wine country and a little peek into a cooking class after a lovely time at the local outdoor market with the lady who would teach the class.  They shopped for and prepared nine dishes ~ "and Madame Lucie did it all in her teeny French kitchen wearing high heels and a dress! 
    Despite the abundance of historic details provided about each region of southern France, the author writes this book like a sweet memoir of her travels.  Intoxicating Southern France is easy reading, filled with invaluable information, and definitely fun."--Diane Ohanian, France on Your Own  

    "Intoxicating Southern France is a vivid travel memoir by PJ Adams [who] embarks on a magical journey through Southern France...Covering history and culture, and not forgetting the delicious food and wine, this story is so rich in detail that it will have you longing to witness the attractions of these regions for yourself."--Carolyn Boyd, France Magazine

    "PJ Adams has crafted a vivid travel memoir filled with stories and photographs of the bounteous beauties of Southern France."
    --Paul Shawcross, author/photographer of Nice & Beyond, Dordogne Explorations, and Provençal Roaming 

    "As a blogger and France travel pro, my tour group guests have found Intoxicating Southern France to be a valuable travel resource in planning their trips to Provence and Bordeaux particularly. Guests comment on how fun it is discovering the magical moments PJ Adams describes in her book and reviewed on my blog." --Christy Destremau, President, France Off the Beaten Path 

    Passing through some of the villages in Southern France and stopping along the way, PJ Adams is your chauffeur. Get intoxicated. You won’t have a hangover, but you will feel a good buzz while reading PJ Adams’s latest personalized travelogue, Intoxicating Southern France…It is impossible to find a section to skim or a boring line. Each paragraph is filled with information, history and intoxicating Southern France.”—Colleen Shaughnessy-Larsson, Colleen’s Paris

    "PJ's writing style is engaging. [Her] ability to weave in the facts and historic information in a logical way that is fun to read is so well-done and the amount of information [she] provides about each region is really impressive."--Patricia McBain, Bordeaux Walking Tours

    Nominated for the 2015 Book of the Year Award at the American Library in Paris

    Intoxicating Paris

    "Intoxicating Paris is the first of two (France) books that gives great insight into French life from [PJ Adams] perspective.  The author gets 'personal', as she duly notes, delving into femininity of Parisian women, virility of Parisian men, the passion of both, verve (especially how to dress and how not to dress), the secrets of  parenting those well-behaved French children, fraternity (she points out the differences and the similarities between the French and Americans), style, creativity and much more.  Each assessment is relegated to its own chapter in the book, which turns out to be a lovely way to focus on each topic ~ certainly a pleasure for this reader.

    I can see taking this book along on that long flight from California to Paris, and not putting it down until it is finished.  P J Adams is a fluid writer with a sense of humor that definitely comes naturally.  In her chapter entitled Panache, for example, she answers the question all non-French women traveling to Paris have had:  what to wear so you look like you fit in ~ at least somewhat!  From earrings and scarves to the right shoes and jeans, she has sensible tips; she also suggests taking along a little black dress, a white blouse, a long rope of pearls and even a beret!  Not everyone will take her advice, but reading her reasons behind these choices is great fun. This is really a delightful little (229 pages) book written with a great deal of love for Paris and the French.  We recommend it!"--Diane Ohanian, France on Your Own  

    “If you are looking for a street-by-street guide [to Paris] then this book is not for you. If you want insight into the French soul and national identity, you must read this book. There are short chapters on everything from dating to school to shopping. Intoxicating Paris: Uncorking the Parisian Within by PJ Adams is worth the read.” –Chris Wright, Dana Point Times

    "Essential Paris. This wonderful book tells you everything that you should know about Paris. It is nicely strcutured, well researched and an easy read. Highly recommended.--Henri, Amazon customer

    "Summertime and the reading is there for the taking. A trio of wondrous books is also there for your buying, reading, enjoyment. All vastly different; all have one thing in common - - good reads. Intoxicating Paris (by American therapist PJ Adams is a wandering journey through the City of Light --its kitchens, shops, cafes, closets and most especially its creativity. Racy, insightful, delightful, this is a book for all who love Paris."--Harvey Frommer, Frommer Luxury Travel

    "Adams is frankly delighted by most of what she has seen in Paris and not too 'cool' to admit it. In a breezy and clever writing style, she has produced an entertaining memoir-cum-guide to the City of Light...First-hand accounts make for good reading, and Adams has recorded hers in a witty, insightful manner. Nowhere is she more eloquent than when she writes of food. The markets of Paris come alive in her vivid descriptions, and each meal taken in a restaurant brought back some wonderful memories... I am surprised I made it through this book without gaining weight...Best of all, her affection for her subject shines through on every page. P.J. Adams would make an excellent dinner companion. I'm sure I don't have to tell you what one of our topics of conversation would be."--Jane Del Monte, Bonjour Paris.com

    "I did fall under the Intoxicating Paris spell. I liked her sentence, 'Like some kind of cultural time machine, Paris doesn't whisk you between centuries--you step into them when you merely cross the street.' I better hurry up and experience all of Paris's sites before the city is overrun by tourists who read this chapter."--Colleen Shaughnessy-Larsson, Colleen's Paris

    Nominated for the 2014 Book of the Year Award at the American Library in Paris

    Freud's Revenge 

    "Not since the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown have I been captivated by the events that unfold keeping me in suspense while playing detective. For the reader, not turning to the end of the book to find out who the murderer(s) are was the difficulty of reading the book...Freud's Revenge is a wonderful piece taken out of Agatha Christie's mysteries that leave the reader intrigued and wanting to solve the mystery along with the author. You find yourself reading till 2:00 am not wanting to put the book down."--Issac Carreon, The Therapist Magazine

    "..psychotherapist Adams explores the world she knows best and injects it with a dose of cold-blooded murder...The man to solve the case is Nick Caswell, a character with a name on par with any Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett could come up with...Psychotherapy and murder go together like peas and carrots."--Kirkus Indie Review

    "Freud's Revenge is a churning whodunit. It explores the Freudian dimensions of human development as they manifest in sane people acting insane and insane people acting sane. A smartly written mystery with enough twists and turns to keep readers guessing right to the end."--Tom Leech, author of Say It Like Shakespeare 

    "The most frightening monsters are those who don't seem like monsters at all. Freud's Revenge is a mystery novel surrounding...a ritualistic murder. Taking cues from the psychology of Freud, Freud's Revenge is a riveting thriller with plenty of enticing twists and turns."--Helen Dumont, Midwest Book Review
    "...once the murder takes place, the book shifts into overdrive and doesn't let up until the very end. This freshman effort by PJ Adams is well worth the price of admission; I very highly recommend you check it out, as well as any future novels she releases."--Adam Goldman, Pojut

    "Freud's Revenge by PJ Adams is a page-turning psychological thriller...readers are quickly caught up in the fast pace of this riveting novel, breathless as Adams keeps them in suspense and masterfully unveils new plot twists...Freud's Revenge is a nail-biting tail that will keep readers riveted. Also, this stellar debut novel leaves readers anxious for the next release from this promising new author."

    Amazon Top 100 Bestseller on Kindle

    Daughter Wisdom

    "Daughter Wisdom is an intriguing book with insights and tips for any woman! Adams's background as a family therapist and mother brings a savvy wisdom to many of the dilemmas women face, young to mature."--Tom Leech, author of Say it Like Shakespeare and On the Road in '68

    "Daughter Wisdom is like having a therapist on your shoulder, letting you know that your loving instincts are right on." (Karla Olson, Publishing Strategist & Founder of the BookStudio

    "As a 60-ish reader, I found Daughter Wisdom, start to finish, to be engaging, thought provoking, and guaranteed to be an invaluable resource to daughters of all ages...I am so grateful that the author, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, grants her book's purchasers the right to reproduce the letters contained within its covers as their own. After all, a letter from Mom, with its implied virtual hug or motherly arm around the shoulder to go along with her excellent advice, can mean so much at challenging times in a daughter's life."--Lynette M. Smith, author of Heartfelt Letters to Treasure

    "The letters are based on Adams’ experiences as a mom and daughter, teachings passed down from her mentors  and family, as well as ancient wisdom, psychotherapy, and her observations as a therapist...The book is presented in three parts that parallel three major stages of our lives. Quotes, favorite adages from Adams’ Grandma Bertie and excerpts from therapy session dialog are woven throughout...One quote from the book sums up its entire message. It’s from Muriel Strode at the beginning of Part 3,  “Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Flora Brown, Inspiring Women Magazine